The Project of "Education Modules’ Development for Technical and Legal Issues in Energy Sector Technologies / TECLENERGY" started at 2013 with the approval of Turkish National Agency and it will last 2 years. In the project which will be conducted by 8 different instution from Turkey and Europe; from Turkey, directorship of Renewable Energy from the Ministry of energy and Gazi University Law Department and OSTİM – Organized Industrial Zone will take part. Moreover, from Europe, Szenzor Hungaria Kft. (Hungary), Centre of Renewable Energy Sources and Saving – CRES (Greece), University of Oradea, Department of Energy Engineering (Romania), Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Hungary) will take part in the project. These 8 important institution will prepare 5 different education modules and these modules will be applied first in OSTİM-Organized Industrial Zone and Ministry of Energy, and then they could be applied all over Europe. The titles of the education modules are
a) Energy Efficiency Technologies
b) Renewable Energy Technologies
c) Financial Processes
d) Legal applications of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
e) Legal Processes of Energy Investments

TECLENERGY’s subject, energy, is one of the most important hot topics of today’s world. Especially, topics of the usage of energy efficiently and using renewable energy sources instead of exhaustible energy resources comes first in many countries’ agendas. EU is also very sensitive about these subjects. Turkey with its natural resources attracts the investors not just from Europe but from all around the world. However, for a European Investor, the conditions of Turkish market, the entery ways to Turkish Market and legal procedures after the investment are vaque. Because of this reason, the investors hesitate to invest. Moreover, in the energy sector in which there are new developments everyday, the investors also need to know the new technologies and the human resources that can use these technologies.

This project will show the European Investors how to use the new technologies efficently and how to satisfy the need to energy from which source and how. Thus, TECLENERGY will help Europen Investors from technical side. They will learn the existing technologies when they want to invest in their own countries and the legal procedures they will face when they want to invest in Turkey. In these subjects, the investors will not need to look for any other information sources. They will find all the answers for the questions in their minds like what are the legal and financial aspects of investing , what legal procedures they will deal and what is the condition of the market etc. Since there is a financial aspect of the subject, the investor will find answers of financial questions.

FIP-TREET is a project that was transfered from Hungary and was completed at 2006 successfully. The education modules that was prepared at 2006 will be revised with TECLENERGY. Thus, new eduacation modules that can be used by all stake holders of Euorpean Energy secktor will be generated. Our partners that are more familiar with the technical side of energy will be able to use these modules in their own countries (Hungary, Greece, Romania) for providing human resources to the sector. And this means, the project will create a plus value all around Europe.